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Available at: http://smarturl.it/BrokenGlassVideo

Music video: http://smarturl.it/BrokenGlassVideo

8.17.2017 - Tune into GMA, watch Rachel perform Broken Glass and earn points!

 Feels so right that Rachel's 1st performance of #BrokenGlass will be on Good Morning America, we won an Emmy for #fightsong and she cannot WAIT TO PLAY IT LIVE on 8.21

Tune into GMA, watch Rachel perform Broken Glass and earn points 

8.11.2017 - Time to promote the release of Rachel Platten's "Broken Glass"

Time to promote the release of Rachel Platten's "Broken Glass"
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Remeber the release date is 8.18

Promoting "Broken Glass" is a special assignment :D


8.8.2017 - Not pictured: the rest of the crew that I kicked off the truck so I could scroll through selfies #10DAYS


8.8.2017 - Broken Glass 8.18

1.29.2017 - Watch Rachel on ABC's "To Tell the Truth"

 Watch Rachel Platten tonight on ABC's "To Tell the Truth" at 8/7c! Want more Street Team Points? Check out our "Special Assignments" tab and see how you can earn 250 points from watching tonight's episode!

Rachel Platten, Gabriel Iglesias, Lauren Ash, and Craig Robinson make up the celebrity panel. Participants include twins who opened the only restaurant in the world staffed by identical twins; a participant who survived 20 hours at sea; the person who taught Miley Cyrus how to twerk; and someone who broke the record for the longest distance flown in a wing suit.

1.9.2017 - #MotivationMonday: Rachel Platten on finding the light and bringing people together

 Interview and photos by Adam Reisinger:Photo Credit: Adam Reisinger



TAMPA, Fla. -- I believed in Rachel Platten long before most people knew who she was. The singer, whose rise to fame was driven by her hit "Fight Song," performed a concert in my living room in January 2015, in front of a crowd of about 30 people. Less than four months later, she was center stage in Times Square on "Good Morning America" and "Fight Song" began its meteoric rise up the Billboard charts. Two years later, Platten is an international sensation with a pair of platinum singles (one of which went triple-platinum) under her belt and a headlining tour in her rear-view mirror.

This past Saturday she performed at the AT&T Playoff Playlist concert series as part of the College Football Playoff. We reconnected after the show to discuss her journey into the spotlight and not giving up when things were at their lowest.

espnW: Two years ago, before your big breakthrough, where did you think you'd be now?

Rachel Platten: "Fight Song" just came out and I was playing house concerts. I thought I was going to go on another house concert run. I had house concerts scheduled -- which, by the way, is a show in a living room for like 30 people, that someone has with their friends. I had like 10 of those planned, and I was ready to go on the road. No way [was I thinking of this]. I thought maybe I had a chance -- because I had a wonderful person that was willing to invest in me -- and I was like, "I might have a chance to make a record properly," and then get to play for 100 people a night, which was my goal at the time.

espnW: When you were writing "Fight Song," where did you find the strength to keep going when things were down for you?

RP: I've read a lot of my old journals to try and find that out. What I read in them is a lot of turning myself around when things were hurting. I'd find the light in the dark. I'd let myself feel rejected and understand that was true, and it actually happened. But, I really believed in meditation, setting intentions and visualizing what I wanted. I also worked my butt off. I just refused to stop working hard. I also had a lot of unbelievable supporters around me who believed in me: my manager, my husband, people like you who had house concerts for me and believed in me. I had a lot of good friends and strong will.

espnW: So there was never a point where you were ready to give up on your dream?

RP: No, there was definitely a point where I did that. It was right after "Fight Song" aired on "Pretty Little Liars," which was in 2014. In my head, I had been hoping that would be the light that it needed to get out to everybody. I thought, "OK, we're going to hear it on this show and it's going to explode." It definitely moved the needle, I think I sold a couple thousand copies, but it didn't have this massive social media reaction that I was praying for. So when it didn't, I fell to the floor, like on my knees, and I sobbed. It was a really hard moment. I remember asking God, "What else do YOU need? What else am I supposed to do? I've been giving everything. I know this song can change lives. How do I get it out to people to help people?"

espnW: Once "Fight Song" did have its breakthrough in 2015, it shot up the charts so quickly that some people labeled you an overnight success. But your first independent album came out in 2003 and your next one came out in 2011, so obviously you put in years of work. How did that shape the artist you are now?

RP: I think they had a really big impact on how I'm able to connect with a crowd now. I just played to about 10,000 people, and treat every crowd like it's an intimate living room. I believe that on stage my job is to bring everyone together and help them forget for a minute whatever stress is going on in their head. I just want them to have an unbelievable time. I want to give them a giant dose of Prozac. So I think the experience I have playing in small bars when no one was listening made me understand how to work a crowd and understand what people need to come together as an audience.



Rachel Platten's Fight Song enlivened the crowd at the AT&T Playoff Playlist concert in Tampa this weekend.

Adam Reisinger

Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" enlivened the crowd at the AT&T Playoff Playlist concert in Tampa this weekend.


espnW: In the past year alone, you've played the Pro Bowl, the MLB All-Star Game, the World Series, and now the College Football Playoff. Which one has been the standout experience for you?

RP: I'm going to go with [the College Football Playoff]. This was amazing, I had the most fun time. I have a new band right now that I'm playing with and I just love their energy. It's like I've been playing with them for years. It's just an incredible vibe and connection that we all have. So playing a full band show with people that I truly love playing with, it was pretty special tonight. The audience was really down to party with me. They were dancing and jumping and doing backflips.

espnW: Speaking of the audience, this was a crowd made up largely of college football fans, and they were singing along with every word of "Fight Song." What do you think it is about that song that resonates with sports fans?

RP: I think it resonates with everybody. I think it's a universal call to action, that no matter what is going on in your life that makes you think that you're not good enough, this is a 3-minute, 20-second chance to declare that that's not the truth. Actually what's true is you can do anything.

espnW: When can we expect new music from Rachel Platten?

RP: Soooooooooooooon. With lots of O's. So soon. I really can't wait to show people. I'm so proud of these songs that I've been creating and I can't wait to play them live.

espnW: Lastly, we're here at the College Football Playoff National Championship Game, I've gotta ask: Alabama or Clemson?

RP: I've gotta not answer [laughs]. Although, I'm a really big fan of the underdog, so maybe Clemson. I don't know. I just want everyone to feel happy at the end of the day.

1.9.2017 - Show alert!



Rachel Platten's next show is January 27th at 8pm at the Mystic Showroom in Prior Lake, Minnesota! 

Tickets are still available - get them here!  

Check out Rachel's latest concert review from the Tampa Bay Times, here


See you there!

Love, Team RP.

1.9.2017 - "...For all the energy Flo Rida and Cold War Kids brought to the stage, it was Platten who stole the show"

Photo Credit: Tracy May

Photo Credit: Tracy May

Review by Jay Cridlin, Tampa Bay Times

On a night when a bitter cold swept across the Hillsborough River into Curtis Hixon Park, Rachel Platten had just the thing to warm everyone up: A little Gin and Juice.

The singer was just as freezing as the rest of us on the second night of the College Football Playoff’s Playoff Playlist Live (“So, it’s REALLY cold,” she said; “I’m, like, dying up here"). But when she launched into a a piano-fied cover of Snoop Dogg’s O.G. classic in the style of her own uplifting anthem Fight Song, everything just felt right. College football’s biggest party finally felt like it in Tampa.

Unlike Friday’s drizzly and dismally under-attended kickoff, Saturday’s bash was a much more obvious success, despite windy winter weather that occasionally made the concert feel like a five-hour test of human endurance. PlattenCold War Kids and headliner Flo Rida all knocked the energy up several notches, and the fans who braved the gusty low 40s loved it.

"Dancing and moving keeps you warm, right?" host Doug Hensel, a.k.a. DJ Fresh, told the crowd.

Indie Rockers Cold War Kids kicked off the night’s national acts at 6 p.m., the word COLD looming large on the video board behind them as whatever was left of the sun’s warmth set beyond the Hillsborough River. But the band played with furious, serious drive, channeling mixing garage rock and swampy gospel on rockers old (the spiraling Mexican Dogs, a muscly Hospital Beds) and new (the kickdrum-snapping Love Is Mystical), and channeling the Rolling Stones on Something Is Not Right With Me and Drive Desperate.

Like his fellow Sunshine Stater Pitbull, Flo Rida is an omnipresent pop hitmaker not to be trifled with; at least 80 percent of his setlist spent time in Billboard’s Top 40. And the Opa-Locka rapper never coasts through a performance – indeed, just three songs in on Saturday, he had already worked himself into a sweat, despite the icy temperature. (You pitied his poor backup dancers, though, clad only in jumpsuits and tights.)

Wearing bedazzled denim and glittering gold sneakers, Flo spiced up his murderer’s-row opening run – Good Feeling, Right Round, In the Ayer, Where Them Girls At, Low – with a barrage of slam-dunk stage tricks: Geysers of CO2, roses tossed to the crowd, even a cadre of female fans pulled on stage to dance and snap selfies.

He briefly ceded the stage to his backup singer, St. Petersburg native Macy Kate, for a mini solo set, and leaned on her pipes to credibly fill in for Sia on Wild Ones. Later, he took a lap around the VIP pit on the shoulders of a buddy, slapping fives and hugging kids; and boomed through My House as cataclysmic fireworks exploded over the Hillsborough.

But as grand a spectacle as all of that was, it still somehow took a back seat to Platten.

Thanks to the enormous success of Fight Song, Platten probably has a standing invite to any sporting event she might ever care to play, and on this night she showed she deserves it. Bounding out to Beating Me Up, beaming and skipping during Lone Ranger, warbling out the anthemic Lonely Planet, Platten was in constant motion across every inch of the stage. Maybe she was just cold – okay, she was definitelycold, clutching herself to stay warm during Stand By You – but it seemed like she was also trying to engage the audience on a more personal level. She pit fan bases against one another by tweaking the lyrics to Angels in Chelsea – “I see angels in Clemson; I see angels in ‘Bama” – but she also encouraged them to warm each other up.

“Can you turn around and give each other a hug?” she said. “Even strangers?”

For all the energy Flo Rida and Cold War Kids brought to the stage, it was Platten who stole the show, who got ESPN personalities like Sage Steele and David Pollack dancing on the stage-left SportsCenterset; whose smile beamed like a beacon from a projection adorning the façade of the Rivergate Tower; whose winning, uplifting performance figuratively and literally broke the night’s ice.

“I’m looking at you guys,” she said, “and you’re so freezing, but you’re all cheering, and it’s great!”

Sure was. Same time Sunday, everyone?

Review by Jay Cridlin, Tampa Bay Times (@jaycridlin)


10.20.2016 - Voting for Rachel!

Hey RP Street Teamers!

There's some really exciting things going on! First of all, Rachel was nominated for Favorite Artist - Adult Contemporary at the American Music Awards! There are multiple ways to vote for Rachel to win this award:

  •  Via Twitter: Tweet using the hashtag #AMAs, tag Rachel (@RachelPlatten) and include Favorite Artist - Adult Contemporary. Retweets also count for voting! ***For your vote to count, your twitter must be set to public***
  • Via amavote.com : Use the link and scroll down to "Favorite Artist - Adult Contemporary" and select Rachel.

If you check our twitter account, @RachelPlattenST, you will see that we have a contest going on with voting for the AMAs! Tweet to vote with @Rachel Platten + Favorite Artist - Adult Contemporary + #AMAs & online at amavote.com. In your tweet insert a Rachel Platten gif (get creative, have fun, and even make your own!) and the tweet with the most interactions (RTs/likes) will win a shout out and a follow from Rachel on Twitter! Don't forget to vote daily!

***Voting ends November 14th, 2016*** 

Besides the AMAs, Rachel has also been nominated for Pop Artist of the year at the Boston Music Awards! You can vote for Rachel here.

Both the BMAs and AMAs voting have been added under the "Special Assignments" tab on our site! Don't forget to vote daily for the AMAs and submit your screenshots! 

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